About Us

Common Pantry, was founded in 1967 to combat hunger and food insecurity in specific northern neighborhoods of Chicago. Common Pantry is dedicated to eliminating hunger and food insecurity in our community by providing access to food and by addressing the root causes of poverty.

Increase your grocery store buying power!

We are beginning an outreach campaign to encourage folks to apply for SNAP (food stamp) benefits. The income limits were increased in January and many households are eligible! SNAP can significantly decrease your monthly food bill. The average eligible individual receives ~$137 in SNAP benefits, and the average family receives ~$276. Once approved for SNAP benefits, they will be loaded onto a Link card which you can use just like your debit card. Other shoppers will not know you are on the SNAP program. The trained volunteers at Common Pantry can complete can application for you and answer questions. You do NOT need to be a Pantry client to receive this assistance. Just call Program Manager Joey Ekberg to make an appointment.

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